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Web Scanners Plugin

Web Scanners plugin will allow to to connect open-source and commercial vulnerability scanners into ArcherySec. Currently we supports below web scanners plugin.


Enable and Get OWASP ZAP scanner API endpoint and Key

1) Go to preferences in OWASP ZAP proxy tool

2) Open API and clieck on Enabled

3) Copy API Key

4) Check your IP and port running OWASP ZAP

5) Open ArcherySec Settings

6) Edit ZAP Setting and provide all required information

7) Test your connection by clicking on Test Connection

Burp Pro

1) Go to Brup Pro User Options > Misc

2) Create new REST API key by clicking on New

3) Copy key to clipboard

4) Check your burp pro IP and port Proxy > Options

5) Open ArcherySec settings page

6) Edit Burp Settings

7) Provide all required information

8) Save and click on Test Connection to verify connectivity