Before installing Archery, you need to make sure you have Python and pip – the Python package manager – up and running. You can verify if you’re already good to go with the following commands:

python --version
# Python 2.7.13
pip --version
# pip 9.0.1

# Now clone Archery tool from github
git clone

# Move to directory archerysec
cd /archerysec

# Install requirements
pip install -r requirements.txt

# Load static files
python collectstatic

# Makemigrations of all networkscanners app models
python makemigrations networkscanners

# Makemigrations of all webscanners app models
python makemigrations webscanners

# Makemigrations of all projects app models
python makemigrations projects

# Makemigration of API Scan
python makemigrations APIScan

# Makemigration of osintscan app
python makemigrations osintscan

# Makemigration of jiraticketing app
python makemigrations jiraticketing

# Migrate all data
python migrate

# Now you need to create application Credentials
python createsuperuser

# Let's run the application
python runserver