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OWASP ZAP Connector

Connect ArcherySec with your OWASP ZAP instance by configering OWASP ZAP API into ArcherySec settings.

Before you begin

The prerequisites are:

  1. OWASP ZAP is running and accessible from ArcherySec server
  2. OWASP ZAP API enabled and reachable through archerysec

Tools > Options > API


  1. Copy API Key
  2. Copy address and port


Setup Steps

  1. Login into ArcherySec
  2. Go to Settings > Add Connector > OWASP ZAP
  3. Enable API
  4. Provide Zap API Key
  5. Provide Zap API Host
  6. Provide Zap API Port


Check the connection status


!!! Congratulations you have successfully configured OWASP ZAP Connector

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Let us know if you have any issue or query at or raise issue