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Scan Upload

Scan upload functionality provides you to import scanners result into ArcherySec and consolidate data in one place. ArcherySec support multiple scanners report format parser.

Upload Scans

Using file upload functionality you can upload scanners report that Supported by ArcherySec


Scanner File Format Support

Below are scanner and their file type supported by archerysec.

ScannersFile TypeSample
Burp Pro ScannerXMLLink
Aarachni ScannerXMLLink
Netsparker ScannerXMLLink
Webinspect ScannerXMLLink
Acunetix ScannerXMLLink
DependencyCheck ScannerXMLLink
Checkmarx ScannerXMLLink
FindSecBugs ScannerXMLLink
Bandit ScannerJSONLink
Clair ScannerJSONLink
Trivy ScannerJSONLink
NPM-Audit ScannerJSONLink
Nodejs ScannerJSONLink
Tfsec ScannerJSONLink
Whitesource ScannerJSONLink
Dockle ScannerJSONLink
Gitlab SAST ScannerJSONLink
Gitlab SCA ScannerJSONLink
Gitlab Container ScannerJSONLink
Semgrep ScannerJSONLink
Twistlock ScannerJSONLink
Breakman ScannerJSONLink
OpenVAS ScannerXMLLink